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Dominus SportsNetwork Africa is a sports Network centered around the Great game of Football (Soccer).

Dominus Sports Academy is the best sports training facility for children, intake is from age 4 to 13 years, our training’s are done at Hospital Hill Primary School, Parklands Road and St. Mary’s Primary school, Karen.

Through our partnership with TSM we are also linked with a number of sports companies and clubs around the world, which help to expose our players on the global stage.

Our training sessions are adopted from one of the leading sports company’s know as sports session planner and delivered according to the TSM way.

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Held on the 22 February at Dosco Boys, Kawinda, Karen in Nairobi-Kenya, this was a day filled with fun and great soccer Teams that participated: Bosco Boys, 365 Soccer Program, Zuka Futbol, Hillside Soccer Academy and Dominus Soccer Academy.

Coach Rojaz- Lead Instructor of Soccer Coaching American Youth Soccer Organization AYSO

Good News!!! Our very own head coach Rogers, has been appointed the lead instructor of soccer coaching in American youth soccer organisation (AYSO) region 45. That takes the city of San Francisco to the Silicon Valley. The American Youth Soccer Organization is one of the two main national organizations in youth soccer in the United…

Dominus Sports Medical Camp 2019

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Platinum Cup is the final tournament of the year that showcases the best the country has to offer in grassroots football. Platinum Cup end the year with a bang and attracts top talent within the youth making it a very competitive tournament. Teams presented: Under 10:Under 13: Under 16:


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