About Us

Dominus Sports Network Africa is a sports Network centered around the Great game of Football (Soccer). Dominus Football Schools East Africa Best Football training for children, intake is from age 4 to 13 years, our trainings are done at Hospital Hill Primary School, Parklands Road.

Through our partnership with TSM we are also linked with a number of sports companies and clubs around the world, which help to expose our players on the global stage. Our training sessions are adopted from one of the leading sports company’s know as sports session planner and delivered according to the TSM way.

Our History

‘’DOMINUS’’ originates from  Latin, A word that means ‘’MASTER’’

The DOMINUS Sports Network Africa was founded  in MASAKA-UGANDA IN 2013  by ROGERS ZZIWA who has  been educated by total soccer method Company and also  working under UEFA gained  invaluable   experience  in match  and tournament organization and also trained in all aspects of football matters during Euro2012 . The first Dominus football school was first founded in Masaka- Uganda and later shifted the  to Nairobi Kenya where it has steadily developed  from a number of 4 to over 100 players of different age groups. We operate  branches in Kampala, Nairobi and Kitale-kenya. We hope to extend to all the East African region with a sole mission of providing fun, education, recreation and developing all round quality non-professional and professional sportsmen.

We work in partnership with Total  soccer  method   which  a complete   and  dynamic    soccer   coaching   method   suited   for  clubs,  teams,  players  and  coaches  of  all  ages  and  abilities.   TSM   focuses   on all aspects   of  soccer  development, training  and  coaching.    Our  methodology    originates   from   the  NETHERLANDS  and  has  been  developed   and  implemented  at   both  the  grass roots  and  professional  levels   in different   countries   across the  globe.

About Dominus Football School East Africa


The philosophy focuses on development of teams, clubs, individual players and coaches of all ages and ability. Dominus Football School has several branches in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, all following the TSM philosophy to develop players.

In   TOTAL  SOCCER  METHOD  we  focus  on;

  • Individual and   team
  • Fun and  a challenging   learning
  • A clear  link  between   development  of technical, tactical, physical  and  mental
  • A clear   improvement  in all aspects  of the  game (not   just  learning  individual skills  or  isolated  moves)
  • TSM long  Term  player  development
  • Pyramid of   soccer   development    for   effective   and   educational   training  and  coaching   sessions .
  • Soccer Learning   process   with   a   learning  cycle
  • Up-to-date with   modern   game   and   teaching
  • Easy guidelines  for  long  term  development  for  clubs, coaches  and
  • Programs/products such  as  coach education,  courses,  club  support, camps, exchange, clinics   and
  • TSM Online

Establishment of sports schools all over East Africa under the same education system (TSM) with a common but unique development strategy.


Providing fun, education, recreational and developing all round quality   non-professional and professional sportsmen to the highest possible level.